A couple of months ago I asked 6 of my friends, who had made the choice to follow their own path, if they wanted to take part in this project to cheer other women on and inspire them. All of them said yes.

In December we had a photoshoot with photographer Priscilla Bistoen and make-up artist Eline Deblauwe. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of 6 extraordinary women who aren't professional models and went way out of their comfort zone to inspire you to do the same, to say yes, to take the plunge.

Thanks to Elisabeth Leenknegt, Fei Lauw, Maaike Wannijn, Mieke De Winter, Valerie Clarysse and Valérie Du Pré.

It was a fun day with hair and make-up, coffee and tea and the art of fluttering cardboard.

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