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Why choose a Wolfin

Belgian design, Italian production.

Commercial but not boring, our designs are unique in the detail and use of color.

Eclectic, like Inge's tastes and influences, cannot be pinned down to one direction.

Beautifying, in our designs, we always try to make sure that glasses make you more beautiful.

We are a brand with an inspiring message that focuses on diversity and inclusiveness. All our eyewear is for everyone. Much of our range is gender-neutral.

Quality and service, two things in which we don't want to compromise. It just has to be right.

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Wolfin Portret CEO Inge De Muynck 2023 4
Here at Wolfin we believe we are stronger together. Our collection is for everybody. We want people to know that we at Wolfin believe in them, no matter what and that they too can shine.
Our message of inclusiveness

From the very beginning of Wolfin, we have chosen not to work with professional models but with people like you and me.

By doing so, we want to convey our message of inclusiveness and diversity.

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